Melayani Pembuatan Website Bisnis Online Siap Pakai Berikut Panduan Pengelolaan dan Promosinya

Jika Anda Sebuah PErusahaan yang Ingin Mengembangkan Usaha dengan Sistem Multi Level Marketing. Website MLM kami merupakan pilihan yang tepat untuk anda Kelola.

eBisnis MLM adalah satu-satunya Website MLM yang Anda perlukan untuk membangun, mengelola, mengendalikan, dan mengelola Bisnis Multi Level Marketing / MLM Anda.

eBisnis MLM memungkinkan Anda untuk mengonfigurasi paket pembayaran khusus dan aturan kompensasi seperti paket Biner, Pairing bonus, Matching bonus, Matriks Unilevel, Matriks bergulir, Matriks reguler, Bonus pool, Bonus hadiah, Bonus pass-up, Bonus bonus, Poin sponsor, dll.

eBisnis MLM juga mencakup fitur yang diperlukan seperti paket Multi Keanggotaan / Pendaftaran, E-wallet, mengelola distributor & anggota downline, Peringkat, menangani lead MLM, memproses komisi & pembayaran, melacak volume penjualan, statistik, ePIN, eCopupon, ecommerce / Toko Online / Belanja keranjang dan banyak lagi … Semua fitur ini termasuk dalam produk yang bisa Anda dapatkan dengan harga murah!

Layanan Kami Meliputi : Panduan Pengoperasian Sampai Bisa

Hubungi Kami Via Chat WhatsApp : 082221777754 untuk Demo dan Penjelasan Lebih Lanjut

Fitur Umum

    • Multi Membership/ Enrollment packages. You can create many membership type/ enrollment packages with unique configuration for each membership such as Setup/Subscription cost, Binary point calculation and commissions, Sponsor commissions, Level commissions, Matching bonus, etc…
    • Great Network Marketing Plans: Binary plan, Pairing bonus, Matching bonus, Unilevel matrix, Revolving matrix, Regular matrix, Pool bonus, Reward bonus, Pass-up bonus, Sponsor bonus, Reward point, etc. Can be easily configured (enable/ disable) for each feature.
    • Ultimate Membership Features such as Upgrade, Downgrade, Disable, Delete, Debit/Credit account balance, Extend subsription, Change Sponsor and many others…
    • Advanced Genealogy Tree, to see downlines with easy way, The best and simple way to represent the hierarchical relation of members with up lines and down lines.
    • Online shopShopping cart, Sell your products online with powerful order management and also you can give your members a shopping bonus for each sale.
    • Automatic Payment and Withdrawal for payment method that supports Instant Payment Notification. Supporting Bitcoin payments, Bank transfer and many e-currencies.
    • Stockists/ Distributors. You can have Stockists or Distributors by setting members as Stockist. Stockists can be categorized by locations or other specialization. The advantages of  Stockist members are  get  additional discount for shopping any product and listed on website as stokist based on category.
    • Content Management System. Now will be very easy to change the content of your website, using the ‘Online Content Editor’ you can edit your website content online in Admin Area. So it will greatly save your time and effort, even for ordinary people will be able to edit their website content or creating new pages by themselves.
    • Membership Security System such as IP Validation, Browser Agent Validation, Login PIN, Secure/ SSL Login, Transaction PIN, Captcha code, etc…
    • Membership Validation & Verification: Registration validation by email and Document verification by uploading documents such as Proof of Identify and Address Verification
    • ePin Features: Manage ePins and sell them to your members or stockists so your members can join your program using the pins.
    • eCoupon system. Members can purchase ecoupon from distributors and use it to fund their wallet/ account balance.
    • Responsive Web Design for frontpage area and members area. Responsive Web Design makes your web page look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones).
    • Easy web based administration, all management is done through your browser, come with a complete control for each feature available easily in Admin Area.
    • Internal Support Ticketing System. No need to install third party support ticket software, because you own it!
  • Support Multi Languages, you can add any new languages or edit the current language to your own custom language by editing the translation file.

Fitur Marketing Plan

eBisnis MLM work with multiple matrix at once such as Binary matrix, Unilevel Matrix, Revolving matrix and Regular matrix that works simultaneous. You can set the configuration of each matrix such as depth, width and the level commissions, Also can be enable or disable the matrix plan.

    1. Multi Membership/ Enrollment packages with unique configuration for each membership type such as Setup/Subscription cost, Binary point calculation and commissions, Sponsor commissions, Level commissions, Matching bonus, etc…
    2. Binary plan with pairing bonus and matching bonus
    1. Unilevel Matrix, an Unilevel matrix for network and shops. Members will earn commissions from their unilevel matrix for network grow or from shopping features.
    1. Revolving/ Multi Stage Matrix, can create unlimited matrix stage with bonus configuration for each stage
    1. Regular Matrix, Free members and Paid members will be placed into this matrix if they refer new Paid members. Members in this matrix can be earn bonus for downline upgrade, orders and deposits, Both your members will be earning income!
    1. Shopping bonus, You can give your members commission for each sale, the commission can be given to members in Matrix also for the sponsor.
    1. Pool bonus, If you want to share your revenue to your members you can give them bonus with daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.
    1. Ranking bonus, give reward for your members based on their achievement.
    2. Powerline/ Pass Up, can be set to any amount of pass-up plan.
    3. Sponsor bonus, Commission to your members when they enroll new members.
    4. Reward Point, Can be used as a bonus or special offer for the outstanding member.
    5. Each bonus name can be renamed to suit your needs.
    1. Each matrix can be configured, width and depth can be determined freely (nXn) and set the commission for each level.
  1. Pay commission to sponsor and the network for new members enroll, ads shops and investment program. The commissions can be easily configured.
  2. Genealogy tree for each matrix plan is available.

Fitur Online Shop

You can sell anything online using the shopping cart features. Can be used for selling downloads or tangible products that need shipping, included Shipping modules/ Shipping Management.

  1. Order management such as Changing order status, shipping status, editing cart content & price, create internal note, add download files and many others…
  2. Sell goods that require shipping, working with configured shipping modules/ management.
  3. Selling downloads, You can sell any software/ files and manage them with the order management.
  4. Item attributes, You can add any attribute to the item that sale such as Colors, Size, License, Type, etc…
  5. Multiple item images, You can add multiple images for each item, so your buyer will have a clear view about the products.
  6. Specific Network Bonus, You can give bonus to your members for each product sale, and you can configure the bonus for each item or use the default bonus plan.
  7. SEO/ Search Engine Optimization for each product explained/details, so you will have a better search result on any search engine.
  8. Facebook comments for each product, You can enable/disable Facebook comments for each product.
  9. Multiple categories, You can add up to 3 levels category to easy manage large products based on the category.
  10. Manufacturer, You can add many Manufacturer to classified the product based on the Manufacturer.
  11. Configurable Shipping Modules that can be configured or edited to your needs. You can add other shipping modules if needed (php knowledge needed).
  12. Configurable Order Status, You can configure/ edit order status to suite your needs. You can add or reduce order status based on your needs.
  13. Configurable Ads Option. Create unlimited ads package with the options such as Minimum cost, Members limitation, Display colors, Banner size, etc…
  14. Discount products, You can create a list of discount products and show them anywhere on your website.
  15. Newest products,  You can create a list of new products and show them anywhere on your website.
  16. Best sellers, You can create a list of best seller products and show them anywhere on your website.